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Crystal Beige AFM-P118

Crystal Beige artificial marble has been valued by eons by artists and artisans alike for its elegance and its durability. Using modern technology this treasured material used to create many of the world’s most beautiful buildings and artworks has been adapted for use in the finest American homes.

Item No. : AFM-P118
Color : Gold
Product Origin : China
Material : Artificial Marble
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Primary Color(s) Gold
Other Industry Names(AKA) N/A
Stone Type Artificial Marble
Country China
Available Finishes Polished
Variations LOW
Format Regular

Available Sizes(Customized size available)

Slab:118”x48”,126”x48” Thickness:3/5”,1/10”,3/4”,1 1/4”
12”x12”x3/4” 24”x24”x3/4”


Residential Commercial
Countertops Yes Countertops Yes
Flooring Yes Flooring Yes
Wall / Backsplash Yes Wall / Backsplash Yes
Freezing Climate Yes
Exterior Usage Yes