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Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Countertops

Last updated Apr 24, 2018

What are some of the countertop options, and the advantages or drawbacks of each? Here are some of the most popular, frequently chosen by owners for their beauty and other factors.

Now, let's review the advantages and disadvantages of stone countertops to help you choose the right countertops for your building.
1. Marble Countertops
No deformation, high hardness, strong wear resistance. Not deformed. Not afraid of acid, crucible corrosion, will not rust, no oil, not easy to stick dust, simple maintenance, easy maintenance, long service life. Anti-wear, high temperature, maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, small temperature deformation. Scratches do not occur and they are not blocked due to constant temperature conditions. They will maintain their original physical properties at room temperature.

Beyond the topic,I prefer its amazing pattern.However, due to its natural formation, delicate loose cracks are easily destroyed and sewage wastewater is infiltrated, making it difficult to clean.

marble kitchen countertops

2. Granite Countertop

Its chic and sophisticated look can improve the appearance of the entire home or office. Granite flooring is available in a variety of patterns and colors. Each piece of granite is unique. It can improve the appearance of the floor by combining different styles and colors.

One of the most important advantages of using these floor tiles is their durability. This is the hardest known natural stone. Since this natural stone is very durable, it requires almost no maintenance. This type of floor is completely safe for people with allergies because it is almost free of dust.

granite countertops
3, Quartz Countertop
The high hardness of quartz stone is second only to diamonds. Quartzite is resistant to high temperatures and high purity quartz (93%) is completely flame retardant. The surface of quartz stone has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali in the kitchen.

In addition, quartz stone also has the advantages of impact resistance and easy cleaning. In this era of home-based environmental protection, quartz stone countertops do not contain harmful radioactive elements, so they are favored by many families.

The main disadvantage of quartz stone is its high price.

quartz countertop
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