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Artificial Quartz Stone Production Process

Last updated May 09, 2018

Quartz is a kind of mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. Quartz is an abbreviation of the quartz stone plate manufacturer for the plate produced by it. Because its main component of quartz plate content is as high as 94%, it is called For quartz stone.

quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz stone production process:

Raw material collection - Selection of materials - Ingredients - Stirring - Fabrics - Vacuum high frequency vibration platens - Heat curing setting - Thickness grinding - Polishing - Inspection - Cutting board - Packaging storage

Quartz process description:

A, The collection of raw materials: glass, quartz, resin and other raw and auxiliary materials procurement.

B, The choice of materials: the use of fans, iron removal equipment, manual selection of particulate impurities in the raw materials, iron and other debris removed.

C, The ingredients: After the selection of materials, the materials will be shipped into the mixing system. The materials are fully mixed in a gravityless mixer to eliminate the problems of color difference and uneven particles. After the mixture is finished, it is transported to the corresponding batching warehouse and the batching system automatically makes the batching during production.

D, Stirring: The unsaturated polyester resin, pigments, additives and granular powders are thoroughly mixed and mixed.

E, Fabric: The mixed material is mixed into the fabric vehicle through the conveyor belt, and then the material is evenly distributed into the fabric frame by the fabric vehicle.

F, Vacuum high-frequency vibrating plate: After the cloth is finished, it is transferred to the press equipment and it is pressed under the vacuum condition of -0.1 MPa.
artificial quartz stone production

artificial quartz stone production

G, Heat curing stereotypes: After the completion of the pressing, the blank into the curing oven 85-110 °C heating molding.

H, Set the thickness of grinding: After the solidified blank, cool down by 24 hours, into the thickness of the device to set the thickness.

I, Polishing: After the thickness is set, through 20 polishing machines, water polishing. According to different requirements, polishing to gloss reaches 40-70°.

J, Inspection: Inspection of the appearance quality of the plates.

K, Cutting board: The product is cut to the required size by means of vertical and horizontal cutting and bridge cutting machines.

L, Packaging storage: cut the product after drying well packaged into the storage.

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