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Chinese Stone Culture History

Last updated Apr 19, 2018

China is an ancient country with world civilization. In the long history of development, the Chinese people have created many masterpieces of stone architecture and recorded the glorious history of Chinese stone culture. From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Each has a long history and is full of oriental charm. Each one is the crystallization of art and wisdom. This is also the pride of our country. If you have time, you can come to China to admire them.

China Stone Culture

Historically, the application of stone has been closely linked to the natural conditions and environment in which human beings live. In the Paleolithic era 500,000 years ago, the primitive people used natural cliff caves as their place of residence. In ancient China, from emperors to officials, they all loved all kinds of stone. We seem to have always depended on them.

Chinese Stone Culture pic2

China's granite and marble resources are abundant, and the deposits are scattered all over the country. Fujian is known as the capital of stone. Every year, a large amount of stone is shipped from here to the whole country and exported to all parts of the world.

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