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How to Check the Quality of Marble

Last updated May 16, 2018

Marble is a natural stone which is used in construction of residential buildings, public buildings, offices, and religious structures. Apart from flooring, marble stone are also used in blacksplash, countertops, facades and as decorative wall cladding. For more durability, it is advisable to use good quality marble.

How to check the quality of marble?

There are many ways for inspecting quality of marble. Let's see together.

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A drop of ink on the back of the marble stone, such as ink quickly scattered around the leaching, that is to say, the internal particles of the stone is loose, poor quality. But if the ink droplets do not penetrate, then the stone is dense, good quality.
This is actually a simple test on the water absorption of the stone.

If the ink droplets do not penetrate, it may indicate that the texture of the stone is denser and the water absorption rate is lower. However, current marbles are generally painted with a protective agent to prevent the penetration of stains. Even if the customer sees that the ink droplets are not permeated, it is very likely that the protective agent is working, not the performance of the stone itself.

In addition, if the water on the back of the stone is in the form of water droplets, it indicates that it has been painted with a protective agent, it is difficult to absorb water, and it may cause it to fail to adhere to cement.

Therefore, the smaller the water absorption rate of the front surface of marble is, the better, but also It should be considered whether the backside can adhere well to cement adhesives.

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Vinegar reacts with the marble to produce calcium carbonate, so dropping vinegar on the marble will cause the stone surface to change and become rough, so you can see if it is real marble.
This test is plausible in principle, but because acetic acid itself is weak, so the test requires a long reaction time. A short time is no result, with dilute hydrochloric acid effect is more obvious.

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Tap on the marble and watch the sound. If the sound is crisp, it means that the product is of good quality. There are no cracks in the interior evenly. If the sound is rough, it means there is a crack in the marble and the texture is loose.
This test can only show that the texture of stone is relatively hard, brittle, and high strength, and can not be used as a standard to judge whether the stone is good or bad, because the sound produced by stone has a certain relationship with its own species, size, this kind of high intensity Marble is more suitable for the ground.

The above three methods are commonly used in the purchase of marble inspection methods, to a large extent, it is impracticable to test marble only through scientific methods, understand the advantages and disadvantages of natural marble materials, so as to have a more profound Understanding will not be confused by some simple methods.
Here we recommend two methods commonly used by stone manufacturers.

One is to wipe the marble surface with a damp cloth dipped in detergent or pasteurized liquid, etc. If it is dyed fake marble surface may appear faded.

The second is to observe the stone from the back and side of the stone to see if there is a crack. The combination of these two methods can test out most of the marbles sold on the market and can be used when there is no way.

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