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Marriott Hotel Vanity Top Project 1000 Units Case

Last updated Jun 15, 2018

Marriott Hotel Vanity Top Project Drawing

Color: Pure White Quartz
Thickness: 2cm
Edge: Easy polished edge with bevel
Surface: Polished,Features like mirror sheen and provides the best protection against scratches.
Size: 25",31",37",49",61" x 22",customize.
Back Spalsh: 4"
Skirt: 8"

White quartz for vanity

White Quartz Vanity for Marriott Hotel

Marriott bathroom vanity

~Elegant   ~Durable  ~Affordable 

At History Stone we help you make luxury affordable and at the same time add value to your home or commercial property.And we supply various vanity bases and rich colors lines(of Marble, Granite and Quartz) caters to the evolving market demand and need for adaptable designer products.

Quartz Color
History Stone Quartz Color

Marble Color
Historstone Marble Color

Vanity Base
Historystone Vanity Base

historystone wood base

At History Stone & countertops, our stone collection evolves feelings and creates a profound effect on you. Every colour energizes, symbolises, surprises to make your space come alive. Know us

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