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Why Choose Granite Countertops Home Design?

Last updated Jan 11, 2018

Granite counters work well in the kitchen and bathroom. They key is to have them installed by an experienced professional who will properly seal them. Make sure to hire an experienced professional, or do it yourself.  Keep your granite countertops maintained, and they’ll continue to give you outstanding beauty and performance in the decades ahead.

granite countertops

There are many reasons that granite countertops are among the hottest high-end options for the kitchen and bathroom.

1) Granite is Tough and Durable   
Granite is rock-hard, literally. It’s second only to diamond in terms of the harness of natural materials. When properly installed, it will be the last countertop you ever need. If you replace it down the road, it will be because you want to and not because you have to. It resists chipping, scratching and cracking. Because of their hardness, granite counters are also heat resistant. If you do manage to chip or crack the granite, it is a relatively easy thing to fix, depending on the severity of the damage.  While it’s not recommended, if you occasionally set a hot pan or tray directly on the countertop, it won’t damage it the way it would laminate, wood and other softer materials.

2) Maintenance is Easy
Excellent strength and durability with proper care Resistant to scratches and damage from heat such as pans or hot hair tools. Good stain resistance and easy to clean when sealed correctly.

3) Granite Boosts a Home’s Value
New granite countertops make your home more valuable as well as more attractive. The return on your investment can be as high as 100%. That means they’ll potentially increase your home’s market value by the amount you spend on them.

4) They’re a Great Long-term Investment
While you’re enjoying your countertops made from granite over the next 30 years, one neighbor might be replacing their laminate counters three times while another replaces wood countertops twice and has them refinished a few times. Here’s the point: In the long-run, granite countertops are a very cost-effective solution for many homeowners.

5) Granite Countertops Offer Stunning Beauty
Only a talented hand obedient to a sharp mind can penetrate the stone to release the perfect image. We are skilled, professional, confident and we could go further but it's better to let our satisfied customers to speak for us. 


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