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Parthenon ASP-Y043

Newstar has introduced gemstone colors forarchitectural interior and relevant realms of living and workspace project designs. Gemstone colors including white gemstone black gemstonepink gemstone green gemstone etc .

Item No. : ASP-Y043
Color : White
Product Origin : China
Material : Gemstone
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Primary Color(s) White
Other Industry Names(AKA) N/A
Stone Type Gemstone
Country China
Available Finishes Polished
Variations LOW
Format Regular

Available Sizes(Customized size available)

Slab 7/10”
24”x12”x7/10” 24”x24”x7/10”


Residential Commercial
Countertops Yes Countertops Yes
Flooring Yes Flooring Yes
Wall / Backsplash Yes Wall / Backsplash Yes
Freezing Climate Yes
Exterior Usage Yes