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Red Dragon onyx HSNOY018

The translucent beauty of the red dragon onyx is a real head turner. Onyx is a calcareous stone and prone to etching and staining from acids such as ketchup, lemons, alcohol, and household cleaners. Great care is needed to maintain the natural beauty of this stone.

Item No. : HSNOY018
Color : Yellow
Product Origin : China
Material : Onyx
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Primary Color(s) Yellow
Other Industry Names(AKA) N/A
Stone Type Onyx
Country China
Available Finishes Polished
Variations LOW
Format Regular

Available Sizes(Customized size available)

Slab 7/10”
24”x12”x7/10” 24”x24”x7/10”


Residential Commercial
Countertops Yes Countertops Yes
Flooring Yes Flooring Yes
Wall / Backsplash Yes Wall / Backsplash Yes
Freezing Climate Yes
Exterior Usage Yes